We as Holding Company, which was established on October 30 2010. In the course after passing through several stages, with pride we show you our Company Profile. Experience in Government and Private sector project supported the dedicated Professionals in their field and integrity who always puts the quality and accuracy of work.


Large Grade Company ( B1 ), with a lot of experience in the field of Goverment and Private construction sector Project, with Complete legality and Complete Certificates that are very adequate for your needs

What WE Do



Goverment Project

We are very experienced in Government projects, so it is clear that we are very strong in Finance, and also our Complete certificates are very qualified for various project sectors


Private Project

We are also experienced in Private projects, and also our Complete certificates are very qualified for various project sectors


General Contractor & Supplier

We as a Construction company also have a role and experience in the world of import and export because we do it when we build a large project that must bring in certain materials from outside Indonesia

Most Recent


Make every effort to become a leading construction service company, which is able to provide satisfaction to customers through quality and innovative products and services. and Fulfilling Customer Needs with quality and innovative products and services.

Project in the bidding process
the percentage of all the packages that are currently at auction this year 90%
Ongoing project
the percentage of all the packages that are in the works this year 50%
Project finished
the percentage of all completed work from all packages this year 77%

There are many contractor service providers, but you need to know what types of projects they have worked on. If you want to build a building, choose someone who is experienced in build a building. It's different if you want to build a cafe, you can find out who are the contractors who often work on projects for cafes, shop houses, and the like. Maybe the type of work is the same, but the experience in a particular project has an effect on the quality of the work.

When building a house, you must have a target for how long it will take the house to be completed. Work that is too long, of course, will affect your expenses. To avoid this, ask the building contractor how long it will take to complete the target work. This is to make a draft budget so as not to swell.

This is important because it is related to the funds you spend. There are two payment systems that are often used by building contractors, namely the term system to be paid at the beginning, middle, and at the end of the project. Both cost and fee systems, where you pay a certain amount of money according to the agreement every week or every month. The project leader will manage the money. Don't forget to include this payment system in the work contract.